Monday, October 14, 2013

Someone Has To Do It

  On September 20, of recent memory, late that Friday afternoon, I suffered a medical emergency involving a good deal of blood that got out of place-- with considerable distress. I felt I needed medical attention at once and so began calling the appropriate physicians, hoping to talk to a “doctor on call”.
    What I got was a collapse of the telephone service that is supposed to treat between patient and physician at off hours. I could get through to no one.
    I considered 911; instead, Betty drove me to the relatively close ER, where they slammed me into the hospital for three days.
   And so, on behalf of all of us who perhaps have lived too long and must rely on the use of the telephone in our daily lives, and who, like me, daily encounter the careless, incomprehensible, responses of professional, commercial, public exchanges by telephone,
                                                   I Propose:
   To occupy rooms above Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, to establish


At start-up, the Institute will offer, Three Steps,
a way to improve the telephonic practices of those who serve the public and private sectors as secretaries, receptionists, announcers, menu recorders; etc. The goal is to make their communication clear, articulate, audible, and agreeable.

Step One: Diagnosis, meeting with the referred client to determine level of
         telephonic skill
Step Two: private or group Exercises for improvement
Step Three: Testing in the field with evaluations

Should these three basic steps not yield the desired results of clarity, audibility and character, the Institute will be prepared, next, to examine and evaluate the client’s company’s telephonic equipment and its installation.

Should there yet remain a problem, the Institute will be prepared to go to the company’s server, or provider, to seek remediation.

If desired the Institute will offer continued monitoring of a client’s performance.

The Institute will hold Work-shops
on such topics as:
The human voice in private and public
How to use the human voice in art and craft
How to know the language you speak
How to speak what you know
The responsibility of the speaker
The rights of the hearing impaired
Posture, Projection, and Intention in speaking
How to imagine a hearer or listener
How not to over-load menus

You may call 303 … …. To hear a sample of the quality of communication every caller ought to hear on your telephones.

The Institute’s Motto:
The English Sentence is a Rhetorical Action.
Never Simper like a “Green Girl”


Thomas Schneider said...

Go Gordon!!!

Ken Moran said...

AG Bell would be pleased at such an effort...and so would most of us.

-Ken Moran

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