Saturday, January 28, 2012

Watch out for this one! Betty calls it "a tome". I am reluctant to press her on the matter, but I fear it cannot be comforting.


         A New Opera, Shakespeare, and Me

   For sixty-five years I have been working, in one way or another, but steadily, with Shakespeare. The first stage production I saw of one of the plays was King Henry IV. Part One. Bewildered by much of what I  saw, I was nevertheless convinced that something greatly important was going on. So, I took to acting as Leontes in Winter’s Tale.
   In a couple years, there came those two films by Laurence Olivier, his Henry V and Hamlet. It is utterly impossible to describe the impact those two “movies” had upon us. No one I knew had ever seen or even dreamed of such things. They were for us the music of which Caliban dreamed and waked to dream again. They taught us so much and moved us so deeply that we  were forever changed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


                                 1936-- 2012
            she lived and loved in spite of everything
                                 January 9, 2012

   That early September day of 1950, in Powell Wyoming, on that day when I was to begin the life of a teacher: it went like this:
   I walked into the room, tenth grade English, looked about me, and there she was, half way back on my right, in the second to the window row of desks.