Sunday, November 17, 2013

A New School

    Licensed by age and experience, I have prospected the trout fishing of these Colorado Rocky Mountains and have discovered lodes of high grade angling along the Front Range of Colorado. I feel confident in the claim that the Front Range-- with those who have advanced its angling literature, practice, and gear-- constitutes  an integral and distinguished sphere of angling of national import.   

     Let this claim be known
 The Front Range School of American Fly Fishing

Masters in the School

The Living:
Joe Argello
John Barr
Mike Clark
Ed Engle
John Gierach
Daniel Galhardo
Anders Halverson
Todd Hosman
Ken Iwamasa
Kathy Shulkin-Jensen

    The  Dead:
Arthur Carhart
L.B. France
Goodwin Granger
Jim Haywood
Peter “Baker” Johnson
Charlie Meyers
  Richard O’Conner
Bill Phillipson
Hank Roberts

Not included are commercial fly tiers and guides identified with fly shops.
A region must support a published literature to qualify as a school.

Other national schools:
As I have named them

The School of the Catskills
The Upper Dam of Maine School
The School of  Pennsylvania Lime-Stones
The School of the Upper Mid-West
The School of the Montana Sky
The School of the Pacific Rim

I propose a symposium of anglers at which each of the schools
 would be featured and defined.
ERIN BLOCK in the chair

© Gordon Wickstrom

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