Friday, November 12, 2010

A Test Blog with a Piscatorial Musing

    If you are a subscriber to my blog, I wonder if you received an email alerting you to this trial posting…. In other words, is the system working for you?
     In order that this posting not be altogether without substance, let me report that recently I over-heard Piscator saying to Venator:

   “Contemporary fly tying is ingenious to a fault and superbly skilled: in these respects it has never been equaled. But the new generation of flies,” he said, “are rarely beautiful-- in the old, aesthetic and traditional way of flies.” He went on to say that there can be no doubt but that the new flies are more effective in the water than the older, now antique dressings. But, he sees the new flies as a drab and faintly melancholy spectacle with even duller names. Few if any would he want to rush home to duplicate. He would have to look long and hard to find that rare one, which might be for him like the poet Yeats’s yellow-haired girl whom only God could love for herself alone and not her yellow hair.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Gorden, however that last line strikes me as a bit confused -maybe to me alone. Piscator longs for flies with yellow hair. But modern flies are loved, or at least respected, for more than that.

So many modern ties lack the grace of the wet fly, but more closely suits the often imperfect, often ungraceful, reality of trout streams. I think it is us that color them yellow.

Paul Roberts -a fellow creek wanderer

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